The Lebanese Phoenician Font



لتحريك لوحات الحروف الأبجدية إستخدم أزرار الفأرة اليمنى و اليسرى أو حرك إصبعك على  شاشة هاتفك بالإتجاهين

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Phoenician Font


While learning about our nation's history, and our ancestors, a deep knowledge a deep knowledge of our Phoenician history is a must.

Here, I tried to create a Phoenician font that can be used from right to left like it was intended by using the keyboard letters with the same pronunciation so just have to choose the font and then type the word as you pronounce it in Arabic, using the Arabic keyboard and it will write the text in Phoenician.
If you are using a western keyboard. It will do the same, but it will write the text from left to right.
The font also contains Lebanese monuments that can be typed directly into the text.


DownloadDownload the Lebanese Phoenician Font File here