When I first discovered internet it was around a quarter of a century ago, now it looks like a long time, but it is passing like a glance.

Back then internet was an escape space while i was diving into the wonderful world of medicine, I had started many yahoo clubs and then groups, as well as many webpages dedicated mainly to discussing art, poetry, music and literature. Now these pages are just small files scattered in the way back machine.

Not far from those early experiences, this page is a small space to share some of my medical articles in english and french and some of my literary articles in arabic.

I know it is a simply designed website that I have modified from a template I found over the internet. I found the template at www.freewebsitetemplates.com, and I think it is right to put a thank you note for the original author of this template who saved me the time of designing the website, and gave me more time to write its contents.